Bike, swim, bike

Lichfield Triathlon is a sprint triathlon. It’s a 400m pool swim, 20k bike ride and 5k run.

My 5k is currently about 38 minutes, my bike skills non-existent and my swim ability improving.

Today I decided to cycle the long way to the swimming baths, swim 400m and then cycle the quick way home.

I Googled techniques for how to count your lengths as I have the memory of a goldfish! The best idea I found was to have an elastic band on one finger and then move it onto the next finger for each length or set of two.

I cycled up and seeing as it was so mild today I got really hot! My legs struggled and I was out of breath pretty quick. I think cycling is definitely going to be the thing I need to focus on. I paid my money but was a bit early for the public swim session so had to wait in the cafe for ten minutes. I started feeling a bit dizzy and faint which didn’t bode well! I must have just been hot as once I got in the pre swim shower I felt much better.

I was the first in the pool which was a great feeling, it was so flat! I started swimming my first two lengths, front crawl up and back stroke down. I was soon joined by another swimmer who set up camp right next to me! Why??! When there was a beautiful empty pool? Anyway, there was soon five of us in the pool and we spread out so hopefully weren’t invading eachother’s space.

I carried on with my two lengths, moving the band after each set of two.

I completed the 16 lengths in about 20 minutes and got out to cycle home.

The rules for Lichfield Tri say no back stroke is allowed. Fair enough I suppose as if we are sharing lanes then we need to be able to see where we are going.

Loved it!

I hadn’t really mastered swimming before as I struggled to breathe properly. A couple of years ago I went to a couple of Swimfit lessons and benefitted from the expert advice of the teacher there. He quickly taught me how to breathe and swim better and now I absolutely love swimming front crawl!

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